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Become a Host Venue

There are many reasons why to host a session.

You can basically do whatever you like in your session – a Workshop, Panel, JobFair, Networking, Happy Hour,  just do whatever you feel up to or what you are looking for.

Think about how you want to present yourself and how people get an impression of your company.

That’s the deal:

Your session is 60-180 minutes long hosted in your own office, lounge area, conference room with or without a slide presentation.

We’re happy to discuss your ideas with you!

Discover Miami Innovation startup ecosystem

Explore the Miami products services and get or give feedback – even better – recruiting new talent, get new customers, promoting your company in the startup SAFARI to find new partners and strengthening the startup scene in Miami with your network and knowledge. 


Hosting a session at SAFARI gives you the chance to present your company in an unconventional way
to potential customers, employees, investors, clients, the press and other startups.


Help us make MIAMI’S Startup Ecosystem more prominent!

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3Company Details
Streamlining all the chances of how your company is able to promote MIAMI startup ecosystem with us, this page gives you the chance to sign up for all opportunities; Session Hosting: Startups can host their own session at Startup SAFARI MIAMI. You can let us know via this form, that you are interested to learn more and we'll reach out to you to find a spot if possible; Networking Session, or Media Coverage: We'll publish a map about MIAMI Startup Ecosystem. All startups shall submit their company details as well as a photo and text to present themselves and push the Ecosystem's visibility.  you can also do a Job Fair, presentations; Startup SAFARI is a lot about finding new employees and talent for your team. If you are interested in that, you can also let us know here. We highly recommend every coworking space innovation hub or startup to select the coverage to be listed as a resource in Miami Startup Ecosystem and shall be as complete as possible to get startups top of mind for the public. It's just a few minutes to spare here and take part. Session Hosting has limited capacity. If you are in talks with us about your session already, you can deselect the box above. Please do not hesitate to take part, even if funds are low. All you need is a Roll-Up-Banner, and a person to talk to applicants. If you have a second person for applicants, we can also arrange pre-scheduled 1-on-1 interviews for you. The Job Fair will be scheduled for the 2 hours prior to the official closing session. ● LEARN a lecture, panel discussion, or talk, or pitch session focused on providing substantive insights, learning lessons and a platform for sharing ideas. ● ENGAGE workshops, design thinking exercises, hackathons, community conversations and all manner of interactive opportunities to collaborate, exchange ideas and learn from each other. ● CONNECT: the serendipitous collisions that occur when you informally chat with other Founders or Investors. No programming, no pressure. Just talk and see what happens. ● PLAY: experiential, fun activities that invite creativity into our busy lives and allow us to approach our civic, business or innovation challenges with a fresh, new perspective. Think playtime or art class for grown-ups. ● DEVELOP: one-on-one coaching or advising or mentoring services offered by investors, experienced industry leaders or contributing organizations through. ● TABLE: Get an Info table featuring information about products/services or innovation community organizations, service providers, upcoming sessions, festivals, or conferences.